How to watch live PPV on Kodi? Best Pay Per View Kodi Add-ons

Kodi is one of the media streaming software used by millions of people across the globe. Kodi is just an open source platform. In order to view the content, we need Kodi Add-ons. There are hundreds of Add-ons over the internet. Most of these Kodi Add-ons contains Movies and TV Shows. Some of the add-ons live streams Kodi IPTV Channels. Only very few Kodi add-ons stream PPV. So if you need to live stream PPV on Kodi, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be sharing a list of add-ons to watch PPV on Kodi. Before that let’s understand the concept of PPV.


What is PPV?

PPV also known as Pay Per View is a new concept where one needs to pay for watching the content. Since the growth rate of the streaming industry is extraordinary, this PPV model is highly successful. Many of the people are addicted to sports and they will be a die-hard fan of it. So the big companies make use of this curiosity and they framed it as a business model. Yes, it’s pure business.

ppv on kodi pay per view

Basically, we can find PPV events in UFC, Boxing and MMA events. Because these sports has a big user base and most of them are addicted to it. Due to undying curiosity, many of them won’t think of spending the money to watch the matches. But wait! Not all the sportsperson have such huge fan base. So they will make such important matches as paid ones in the form of Pay Per View. One would need to pay as high as 55$ to stream a single match 😮 Sometimes the amount even increases depending on the importance of the match. 😮

Kodi on PPV

But many of us won’t be able to afford such amount for watching a single match. So this is where Kodi comes into the picture 😉 With some of the third-party add-ons, we can live stream PPV on Kodi for free. Finding such Kodi add-ons will be quite hard because most of them won’t actually work. But don’t worry! We are here to help you out! We have tested over 30+ add-ons and filtered out the best working addons to watch PPV on Kodi.

Best Kodi Add-ons for PPV Pay Per View

Even in third-party Kodi addons, there are official and unofficial add-ons. So in this article, we will be sharing the working list of both official and unofficial add-ons to watch PPV on Kodi.


Before starting with the process, it is our duty to explain the risk involved in streaming PPV on Kodi. As these are PPV are paid content, streaming them on Kodi for free is completely illegal. And there are chance that your ISP blocks your IP address for streaming pirate stuffs. So it is always recommended to use a VPN service like IPVanish. Using a VPN can benefit you in two ways!

  • VPN will mask your IP address and keep you annonymous online.
  • It will get you access to the Geo-restricted content. Means, some of the PPV events can’t be viewed from your country because the provider will restrict the access to limited countries only. In such cases by using a VPN, you can change your IP address and stream those PPV events.

I hope you understood the need for VPN. Quickly sign up for IPVanish and get a special discount on the annual plan.

Pro Tip: Purchasing a VPN is cheap and best when compared to purchasing a PPV ticket. Because if you buy PPV, then it will cost you around 55$ for a single match. Whereas when you purchase a VPN annual plan, you can enjoy watching all the PPV events throughout the year. Hope you got the point. So plan smartly 😉

Unofficial add-ons to watch PPV on Kodi

There are lots of unofficial add-ons available to stream PPV on Kodi for free. Since PPV events have a large number of broadcasters, it’s easy to find lots of alternate streaming providers. If any stream goes down, you can directly stream from other sources. Let us now share the working list of unofficial third-party add-ons to watch PPV on Kodi.

Addon NameRepository NameRepository URL
SportsdevilSupremacy Repository
Planet MMA
Supremacy Repository
Fight Tube
Rockcrusher Repo
The LoopLoop Repo
Pure SoccerPure Repository
UK Turk PlaylistUK Turk Repository
Zem TVKodil Repository
Sports WorldKodil Repository



Sportsdevil is one of the best sports addons for Kodi. It has a unique framework. And most of the other sports add-ons are developed based on the Sportsdevil framework to stream the contents. Sports devil has everything you need to enjoy unlimited sports. The quality of the steam is good. Sportsdevil Kodi addon can be installed from the Supremacy repository.  Its contents include Live TV, Highlights, Blogs, Live sports, and Sports TV.

If you want to watch PPV, then go to the Live Sports section. It will list out all the streaming services. I would suggest you first to check,, and Inside these folders, you will various sports sections. There you have select UFC, Boxing, etc… You can even find options like Now Playing and Upcoming Events. Do check them out and click on the links to stream live PPV on Kodi.

NOTE: If you are facing “No Stream Available” or “Web Request Failed” errors while opening any link, then it’s possibly due to your IP. Because during PPV events, hundreds of thousands of visitors will try to access it. So the streaming providers will geo-restrict the access to limited countries. Means you won’t be able to stream from your country IP address and it will pop up No Stream Available or Web Request Failed error. These errors can be resolved by changing the IP address. To change you IP, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required. IPVanish is one of the best VPN provider for Kodi. It supports over 60+ countries and 1000+ IP addresses. Once you change your IP address with IPVanish you can stream the PPV on Kodi seamlessly.

Repo name: Supremacy Repository
Repo URL:

Planet MMA

planet mma addon to watch ppv on kodi

Planet MMA is the best and most reliable addon which is dedicated to MMA. Using this addon we can even watch the highlights of the important UFC, Boxing and other Martial Art matches. Some of the interesting sections in this addon are Fight Night Live, UFC Fight Night, MMA Fight Night, Fight Motion, Born to Fight, MMA Mindset, Ultimate Fighter Series, etc…

Repo name: Supremacy Repository
Repo URL:

Fight Tube

fight tube

Fight Tube is one of the best video add-ons from the Rockcrusher Repository. It was not much popular among the Kodi users. But it got some good number of users over the time because of its unique content. Just like Planet MMA, Fight Tube add-on contains the videos related to fighting only. There is a lot to explore in this Fight Tube Kodi add-on. It contains some of the important categories like Behind the Gloves, Boxnation Official, Boxing Legends, Fight Hub TV, Fight Network, HBO Boxing, iFL TV, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, MMAjunkie, MMA Weekly, World Taekwondo, etc…

Repo name: Rockcrusher Repo
Repo URL:

The Loop

the loop

The Loop Kodi add-on is not much popular because it’s available in a repository which many of them won’t have heard before. Anyhow coming to the point, it has got some great content in it. On opening the add-on you can find various zones like Auto Zone, Acestream Zone, Fan Zone, Fight Zone, etc… If you open the Fight Zone you can find some of the Live TV channels of Wrestling, UFC, EFC, and Boxnation. There you can find the PPV events as well.

Repo name: Loop Repo
Repo URL:

Pure Soccer

Pure Soccer is one of the best Kodi Sports add-ons for live streaming soccer and football events. It contains most of the important soccer events. The events are categorized based on the date. Inside that, you can find the scheduled matches of the day. The links in Red and Green Color. Red color indicates offline and Green color indicated online. The Red links will turn to green before few minutes of the Play. So wait for it. Its one one of the easy way to identify the live streams.

Repo name: Pure Repository
Repo URL:

UK Turk Playlist

uk turks playlist

UK Turk Playlist is one of the best regional add-ons for watching live sports in the UK. This addon is constantly updated. The quality of the content is good. If you are an HD freak, this addon will suit you. Most of the popular TV Channels from UK, USA, Canada, Russia, and other countries are available in this add-on. The links for Pay Per View events will be available in the Sports section of the add-on. If you are accessing this addon from another country, you may need a VPN to mask your IP address with UK IP. 

Repo name: UK Turk Repository
Repo URL:

Zem TV

zem tv

Zem TV is basically a Live TV Kodi add-on. It can be used to watch Indian and Pakistani TV Channels. Its one of the very addon to supports Indian channel. It also includes a section for Sports which includes Sports channels, live streams, and PPV events. We can use this Sports section to watch the Pay Per View events. Zem TV is available in the Kodil Repository. Recently kodil repo is not working in some of the countries, you may use zip file installation method to solve this issue.

Repo name: Kodil
Repo URL:

Sports World

sports world

The recent development of the sports world kodi addon is awesome. Now the quality of streaming quality is much improved. It directly fetches the contents from the broadcasting streams and plays them. The contents are played with the low buffering. If you want to watch UFC then select UFC folder. It will list out the live links for the matches. Sports world can be installed from the kodil repository.

Repo name: Kodil
Repo URL:

Official add-ons to watch PPV on Kodi

If you want to stream PPV on Kodi legally, then you can opt for the official Kodi add-ons. As these are official add-ons you may need to buy their subscription to watch the Pay Per View events.



DAZN is one of the official add-ons for live streaming sports. They are officially streaming lots of sports contents. Refer to their website for the streaming schedule. You can also sign up in their site and avail 30 days free trial.

Download DAZN add-on zip file

Note: DAZN addon can be accessed from particular countries only. So if your country is not supported, then try changing your IP address to a different country using IPVanish VPN.

Showtime PPV

showtime PPV on Kodi

This is an exclusive add-on for the people of the United States. Contact your cable provider to buy PPV subscription and you can use this subscription in Android and iOS. If you have your connection from any of the following providers AT&T U-verse, Bright House Networks, Charter Communications, Comcast XFINITY, Cox Communications, DIRECTV, DISH, Optimum, Time Warner Cable, you can directly receive the subscription from them.

Sky sports Box office

Sky sports box office is one of the sponsors of the major boxing sports event. You can watch PPV events from their website or you can use their app or add-on to watch on Android, iOS, and Kodi. But either way, you need to subscription for it.

These are some of the best add-ons we had handpicked for you to watch PPV on Kodi. There are lots of live streaming add-ons, but not all of them are working. So we have tested some of the add-ons and listed the best ones.

Alternatives to watch PPV



Mobdro is one of the popular Android apps which streams movies, TV shows, and Live TV channels. They also provide streaming links for some of the important PPV events. You can download the Mobdro app on your android directly and watch it. If you wish to watch it on TV then try screen mirroring your android mobile. As an alternative, if you have Android TV or TV Box, you can install the TV version of Mobdro from Aptoide market.

That’s all about the streaming of PPV on Kodi and other alternate apps. If you have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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