How to watch Boxing on Kodi for free using addons [Live + Highlights]

Boxing is one of the most favorite sport for millions of people across the globe. People are quite curious while watching superheated boxing matches. If you are a great fan of boxing and want to stream Boxing on Kodi, then you are on the right post. In this article, we will explain how to watch Boxing on Kodi for free.

How to watch Boxing on Kodi for free?

There are hundreds of sports addons, but only a very few are related to boxing. And some all in one addon has boxing as a part of it. So there is only a handful of addons with boxing contents. We had tested around ten addons but unfortunately few of them are not working fine. At the end, we have found five working addons to watch boxing on Kodi.

Best Kodi Boxing Addons

Mostly the boxing contents can be classified as Live events, replay matches, and highlights. We will share the methods to watch all these three contents. Unfortunately, there is not even a single working addon to provide all these contents under one roof. So depending on your need, you need to choose any one of the following addons.

1. Supremacy sports addon

Supremacy sports addon is one of the best Kodi boxing addons. It is an all in one sports addon from supremacy repo. Since Supremacy repo is the host of many other sports addon, supremacy sports addon has made from the best. It has all the features of the other addons associated in that repo. In addition to that, it also got some of its unique features. You can install this addon from the supremacy repository. The method of categorization is so user-friendly. Totally, the contents are categorized into 16 sections.

Navigate to the Live Events section, here you will find the scheduled matches of the day. Under this section, you can watch all the live matches. You can play the content only during the broadcast time or after the match. If you are trying to stream before the match, it will not work and throws an error.

watch boxing on kodi

Did you miss a match? Don’t worry! We have got sports replay section in this addon. This section contains all the important matches. It would be great if they provide the replay of all the matches. But unfortunately, they are providing only for important matches.

Make sure to check out other amazing contents from this addon. It includes UFC, MMA, NBL, WWE and live streaming of sports channel. If you are a sports freak, then this addon will make your day.

2. Joker Sports addon

As we already discussed, not even a single addon is providing all the contents under one roof. Though Supremacy sports is good, the highlights part is missing in it. Joker Sports addon is a classy sports addon, which you can use to watch Boxing on Kodi. It provides most of its contents directly from the youtube. This provides minimal load time and enables the user to access the content from any location (NO Geo Restrictions). You can install this amazing addon from Kodil repository or Maverick repository. Its contents are categorized into 17 sections for easy navigation.

To watch highlights, navigate to Official highlights channel and select boxing highlights. It will provide you the streaming links to all the available matches from the youtube. Since its providing contents from youtube, it has minimal downtime. Here you can find all the important highlights.

Have you missed any important match? No worries, you can stream the missed matches under Sports Replay section. Navigate to the sports replay section, you can find the list of available matches under the boxing section.

This section is much identical to the supremacy sports addon’s sports reply section. Even the images, title, and the number of available streams are the same. But the addons are running the same script for this section. So you may use any of these sections, they provide same contents.

The other sections from this addon include Sports IPTV, UK sports channels, Mobdro Sports channels, International sports channels, Acestream sports channels, Pac-12 and Jen Sports channels. Each of these contains the streaming links of various channels. They are just grouped under these names. Make sure to check out the contents.

3. Fight Tube Kodi addon

When compared to other addons of this category, the fight tube has some unique features. Its contents are grouped as a series. It is pretty cool. But a lot of users prefer the default style. In fight tube, the contents are categorized as behind the gloves, Box Nation Official, Boxing Legends, Boxing Social, British Boxers, England Boxing, HBO Boxing and a few more. You can install this addon from Rockcrusher Repository.

Finding the required contents in this kind of categorization is pretty hard for the new users. But if you are looking for a certain stream from the channel providers, it makes the task much easier. Under Box Nation Official, you can find the official news, podcasts and some live streams. The live content is very limited in this addon. You can use this section to update yourself with the latest news.

Nearly all the contents of this addon are streaming from youtube. All the other boxing sections are similar and have selected matches.  The boxing legends have some of the memorable moments. Make sure to check out its content.

4. Magic Dragon Kodi addon

Magic Dragon is an all in one addon. This addon has been added to the list because it provides some classic boxing matches. Most of the other addons lack this content. The contents are categorized in a tree-like structure. It totally has 19 major categories like Movies, sports, documentaries, radio, entertainment and a few more. And they have further subcategorized into groups. It helps the user to find the precise content with ease. You can install the Magic Dragon Kodi addon from Supremacy Repository. 

To access the boxing content navigate to Sports > Classic Boxing matches. Here you can find the streaming links of some famous boxing matches of all time. It also has a separate section for Boxing Highlights and News. But the contents under this section is not up to the level of the contents in other addons.

The other sports contents and movie contents from this addon are working good. You can check the other contents of the main category. We are sure this addon will acquire a place in your favorite addon list.

5. Sports Devil Kodi addon+

Here comes the Leader!? You might be thinking, why sportsdevil is last on the list? If sports devil is working for you, you are blessed! Yep, most of the kodi users are reporting lots of error with sports devil kodi addon. Sports devil is working only in some countries. We have a solution for it!  Stay tuned to find the solution. You can install sports devil from Supremacy Repository.

To watch boxing on Kodi navigate to Live Sports Section and select the streaming server as You can also select the other streaming servers. But you need to search for the boxing contents. But Dimsports have the contents in the categorized manner.

Now select boxing and stream the contents. Some cases it won’t work and throws web request failed error. Not only with this server, the problem resides the same with other servers.

On the basis of content and streaming quality, sports devil is unmatched. But to experience the best content, it needs to fetch those links. This is where the problem arises. It throws a lot of errors like Web Request Failed and No stream available.

If sportsdevil is your favorite addon and it’s not working for you, we have a solution. You can use IPVanish VPN to change your IP to one of those working countries. So Your IP will be masked by other country IP. By doing this, it will access that country server and fetch the link. In addition to that, using VPN like IPVanish will keep your online activity anonymous.

Thus you have reached the end of the article. These are some of the working addons to watch boxing on kodi. Make sure to try all the addons and share the results with us. If you are facing any issue, comment below. For all kinds of suggestion, feedback, and queries use the contact form. Finally, don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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